I saw this interview when it aired. That was 7 years ago. This part of it has stayed with me. It’s the main reason why I don’t talk about certain things and the main reason why I have a very limited web presence.

"Yeah, the blues is a worried, old, hard disease…"

The answer to Anthony? Huma running for office

We are all lucky that we can’t see the future, because if we did, we’d never be care free… We’d treasure everything and everyone too much. The knowledge of loss would anchor us at all times, chain us to each other, and we’d all be stuck together, motionless for all time… No one would just walk away and say, ‘See you tomorrow…’.

Live In London (liner notes), 2010

Sometimes I miss you so much that my eyes hurt. The muscles under my tongue ache and I feel like I have thousands of words to say but no voice to speak them. I would give all I have and do all I could to be able to touch you.